Saturday, February 16, 2013

just perfect.

this morning, after a big breakfast of eggs and turkey sausage and big homemade biscuits (with honey!) and a little date with a manicurist aaaaaaaand once mila went down for a nap and i was able to brew some tea, i followed my normal routine and sat at my computer without much on my agenda. so naturally i typed n-y-t-i-m-e-s-.-c-o-m and immediately saw this interview.

it had me smiling the entire time. yearning to be in the same room as ms. radziwill and listening to her answer sofia coppola's questions, mostly because i'd get to hear anything that might have been edited for the video. those little snippets of pictures and videos from ms. radziwill's younger days really got my mind going, such a different time back then.

it also had me thinking about those new york sirens in the background and how i wouldn't mind it so much if that was a little part of our background noise (especially since it seems to be such a foreign sound for mila, proof here). or for an itty bitty galley kitchen similar to this that we saw at ikea last weekend.

i love living close to my family and friends but ever since i was a wee one, living in new york has always been one of my dreams. not so sure it's going to be a dream come true for me but maybe. one day.

and hooray! we still have a whole sunday before monday and all its nastiness comes our way. ;)

and oh yeah, all of those books just on her end table reminding me to quit blogging, interneting, shopping, etc. and start reading some more. LOTS more. even if they are just coffee table books.

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