Wednesday, February 06, 2013

can't get satisfied.

yesterday i talked about all that randomness of a lunch that i devoured ( those flax waffles + syrup are still haunting me ) and today i cannot get marshmallows of all things off my mind!!! i saw a pic on nat the fat rat's instagram, or maybe it was vine, the other day and she had a ginormous mason jar full of that pillowy goodness. then i started thinking about that one time when i got super martha on myself and made homemade marshmallows!!! have you ever had them? seriously, i don't know if i could ever go back to the jet-puffed plastic bag version again. they are SO good.

image cred and another recipe
so yeah, i think that's what this rainy day is going to include. going to ruin my morning run with some homemade marshmallows thrown into some hot chocolate and possibly a trip to the downtown library. a little bird told me that our *BIG* library is in jeopardy of being closed down. that's such a sad thought to me. i don't know who designed the building but it really is quite pretty. and huge by corpus library standards. i used to have my mom drop me off there and just read read read. or write write write. guess i need to start doing that again. or maybe just stand on the sidewalk picketing to the guys upstairs and preaching on how badly we need to keep those books in there!!!

on another entirely "i'm sitting at my big computer screen while the baby and puppy take naps so i have lots of quiet uninterrupted time to myself" note, i need some thoughts on double strollers. i know a lot of moms here in corpus that have kids the same-ish ages apart as what our two will be that only invest in a double jogger or a double umbrella. i really love our umbrella stroller because of convenience but when traveling, even though it's quick to break down and fits into the tiniest of rent cars, i would really prefer something a little more substantial. something like the bugaboo. along those same lines, i also realize that the stroller will spend a lot of time in our car so it needs to break down enough to leave room for our things in the back. as for the jogger, i'm afraid that i may have to just get one of those too. i run too much not to have but then i do also wonder how much i'm going to be running with BOTH of the kiddos. i mean, mila will start school in june so most of the time, she won't even be home while i'm running. clearly this is a big decision for me. last thing, if i do go the double stroller route, should i keep my stokke? i really love that stroller and would hate for it to just sit in our garage. augh! the stress of life with four!

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