Thursday, September 13, 2012

ya' know.

one time, i thought my relationship with breastfeeding was going to come easy. then it didn't. and then it did. and then, before i knew it, we were already a whole year in. and now, fifteen months after our little girl came into this world, we've decided it's time to stop. sorta.

it all started on monday when mila missed her feeding just before nap time. i really didn't see this coming. we got to a point that i literally had to pry her away from my shirt while talking to both friends and strangers, yeah, i was ready. then tuesday came and she barely nursed twice in twenty-four hours. and now it looks as though i'm on a quick road to being an "i breastFED mila" instead of an "i breastFEED mila" kinda mom.

there have been moments where i think i'm not ready. but then i just think again. we're ready. for so many reasons, we're ready. not gonna lie, i'm definitely going to have to ring in this new chapter of our life with an extra cocktail tomorrow ( and maybe the day after that ).

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