Monday, September 17, 2012

dirty recipes.

in my opinion, there's nothing better and more honest than a recipe with stains and spills and spots spread all over it. i prefer the kind that are barely readable, so worn that you can almost squeeze the oil from previous nights spent preparing the dish.

i give you:

you've gotta love the french. you really do. especially when it comes to food.

this was a seriously laborious recipe, but one that proved worth the work. it was in the new issue of martha stewart living. love her recipes, so detailed in direction. if she's not explaining the exact details of how the food should look while cooking it, she always gives a good time estimate for how long each step should take. love her.

so here it is. my adventures with this famous french dish. we served it over egg noodles but i can just imagine how good it could have been with a hard crusted chunk of sourdough from here.

and finally:

happy monday.

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