Thursday, April 05, 2012

almond milk and polka dot jeans.

and lots and lots of other things.

{recipe: here}

almond milk: love the stuff. so why WOULDN'T i try to make it at home? well, i'll tell you why. because it's  a pain in the booooooTAY. my broken chemex proved to be a perfect straining container since all of my bowls were to shallow to allow the leche to strain properly. but that still didn't simplify it enough to convince me to make this drink again. i barely produced one cup and even though it was probably the best almond milk i've ever tasted, buying it by the carton is way easier. and cheaper too {i think}.

and onto some other weekly happenings....

:: a 'thank you' for a project i'm helping a friend with ::
:: pants i currently in ::
:: the only cup of milk i got to enjoy ::
:: mila gettin' some work done ::
:: and finally FINALLY a good run ::

and some links to give you something to do when you shooooould be way more productive than you want to be.....

my new go-to party site for m's first
where i got those polkas
an amazing source for lots of her clothes on this show
wonderful way to waste time and find sweet things

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