Tuesday, April 03, 2012

all wrong.

sunday: 10.65 miles. i started the week off wayyy behind my brother due to a mere two mile run on monday. so the whole week was spent catching up. i knew i needed a long run on sunday to even come close to beating him. where did this competitive streak come from? i seriously don't know. we really aren't competitive with each other AT ALL. but it resulted in one crummy run. i should have expected it though.

fried fish for dinner on saturday night. {delicious. perfect. FRESHLY caught fried fish!}

not running within my perfect post-coffee window.

old music. yeah, i'm one of those when i run, i NEED music. i couldn't find my headphones the other day so i actually ran to my sister's house to borrow her's just so i could have a little more entertainment on my run.

running against near twenty.mile.per.hour winds on the way out.

and finally. finally. running at nearly 12:00 p.m. on a corpus christi april afternoon. if you ever want to run in corpus, this time of year, don't pick the middle of the day. the worst! hot and i had to literally hide from the sun.

a crummy run indeed. but hey, you can't win 'em all {although i WILL win this week}.

and i almost forgot to tell you about my brother's "long" run on sunday. i expected at the very LEAST, eight miles. but no. nonononono, that goon ran 12!!! way to go justin!

if any of you have some running music suggestions, i really need some. sirius xmu just doesn't do anything for workout/running music so i'm pretty in the dark about that genre. help!!!!! just post some ideas here on the blog! :)


  1. 1. I totally have those lulu shorts. I love them. But every time I wear them I feel like I have to wear some sort of subtle top, much like the gray one you have one, because they are so bright.
    2. Way to go Justin on 12 miles! Seriously, way. to. go.
    3. You WILL win this week... just keep going. {just keep swimming. just keep swimming.}
    4. I second the person who posted her comment to FB instead of the blog, {and aren't you proud of me for NOT doing that} you should download Girl Talk. After seeing him at ACL I was hooked and I listen to him for almost all my runs. His mashups are epic and perfect for long runs if you have music A.D.D. like I do.

  2. 1. i do the same thing when i wear them- either gray, black or white tank. plus i feel like a walking easter egg.
    2. right?!?! isn't that awesome?!!!!
    3. before i even read the swimming part, i was singing that line in my head. i ❤ you.
    4. thank you. and yes, i am SO proud!!! i seriously squealed a little bit when i got the email that you had posted a comment. {refer to the last sentence in #2.}