Friday, March 30, 2012

so excited.

about an upcoming mini-holiday to austin that my cousin and i are going to take. back in the day, she and i were road trip queens so it'll be just like old times hitting the road with her. but even better this time around because we'll both have our little angels with us. probably didn't ever think we'd be taking THIS kind of road trip. but i think i speak for us both when i say that i'm excited for the adventure. we're thinking about staying here because it pretty much looks like perfection in a hotel. but if anyone has any other kid-friendly, downtown hotel recommendations, we're all ears.

aside from this very exciting little vacay, we're also pretty thrilled to spend some more time with mila's new bff this weekend. it's been a couple days since they got together so i foresee lots of kisses and hugs and toy sharing while they soak up some sun on the beach tomorrow.

and oh yeah! fun eight mile run today {and yesterday. but who's counting?}

happy weekend!

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