Monday, March 26, 2012

the double digits.

no, this isn't a workout blog {in fact, i'm not really sure what category this blog actually fits in}. but i do work out. and i do have a blog. so here's yesterday's workout, on my blog:


yeah. i ran a whopping ten miles yesterday. by far, my longest run since m was born. i know she would have loved to have joined me for that hour and a half, but my lovely mama kept her instead and allowed me to lighten my load by about thirty-five pounds.

if you live in corpus, i ran from my house, down ocean to the yacht club/art center light and back. i was so proud of myself. i sweat. i got tired. and i loved it. and oh yeah! my pace? what's that??? you want to know my pace for each *glorious* mile?? 8:36!

and aside from my mom helping out by watching miss moo. thank you. and you. and YOU {for keeping my legs chafe-free}.

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  1. Did you see? Did you see? I am now a follower AND I am posting a comment ON the blog... but don't get used to this comment thing. I am still likely to post most of my comments on FB in the future. :)