Monday, December 12, 2011

when i look back on it.

last week was a pretty busy week indeed.

from finally purchasing our christmas tree on wednesday and actually decorating it on saturday {thank you mila for the two-hour nap you took, it really helped out your mom and dad!}.

buying a classic seasonal treat for me to enjoy with my afternoon tea that i have been routinely drinking and LOVING lately.

then working off those christmas-shaped delights by running half of a half marathon...not quite my goal of a "half-marathon post-baby before the end of 2011", but close!

introduced mila to mr. claus. she didn't mind the red-suited man at first but quickly saw through the synthetic beard and decided she'd had enough. it was pretty obvious when she broke into a bloody murder scream. seriously, blue in the face shrieks. and i'm very sorry to the woman in line behind me, she told me to leave mila on the fake santa's lap because those pictures are "the best". i'm all about capturing the moment but i just couldn't sit there and not do anything, so i immediately saved her. mila, you'll thank me later.

and we even made a little update to m's room. an early sorta christmas present but at least now some of her books have a place to call home. and a pretty cute place at that.

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