Monday, December 05, 2011

a little thank you.

to all of my very supportive friends who shared so many stories of struggles and uphill battles as well as successes and accomplishments throughout breastfeeding. thank you thank you thank you.

and also to a kind woman from barnes and noble yesterday. nearly every sunday morning, my mom, mila and i {a formerly very pregnant jessica} go to the bookstore for bagels and coffee. and nearly every sunday, a quiet elderly couple sits next to our table. they mostly keep to themselves, she reading countless crafting magazines while he sips his peppermint tea and looks around at all of the people {although they sometimes tote their young grandchildren with them and spend their hour entertaining the kids as much as they can}. my mom and i have barely spoken ten words to either the man or woman but yesterday she approached me with a very fine surprise.

she handed me a shopping bag and said that she made a quilt for my little girl! i couldn't believe it. i was honestly speechless. we've barely had any type of real interaction with these people, and while i'm sure she took a bit of pity on my large pregnant belly months back, watching me grow and grow and grow and now watching mila grow and grow and grow, i would have never in my wildest dreams thought to receive something so thoughtful.

yes, yesterday was definitely a good one. and i see today turning out to be quite the same. full of cold crisp air. maybe a little time in the kitchen with these. and {hopefully} some at-home yoga or a run around the park {seriously! what do you active, working out women do when you have to workout but don't have a babysitter??? i NEEEEED some options!!!}.

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  1. OMG that is the sweetest story ever! I love it!