Sunday, May 22, 2011

so much for a 'lazy' sunday.

there is still much work to be done, but my new workspace {tomorrow marks my first day 'at THE office'} got a big nudge in the right direction.

i really don't know when my urge to change nearly every wall in my house from white to 'anything but white' will die. although, surprisingly, i actually love white the right space but our house just isn't that 'space'. so color it is and color it shall be. i'm still waiting on a new desk chair and a few other office necessities but until they arrive, i think i will be just fine working in this *new* room.

on another weekend note, the south texas summer is quickly approaching and with it brings lots of fresh produce that we took full advantage of this past saturday and sunday.

this thing weighed no less than eighteen pounds- no lie -had barely enough room in the refrigerator for it. luckily i realized this half-way into dicing it up, because that gave us a chance to use my very neglected juicer and drink our dose of lycopene with some strawberry + watermelon juice.

one thing led to another and before i knew it, i was filling two gallon-size containers with various juices.

and then the husband came in with some fruits from el jardin.

and if THAT wasn't enough, nick's mom has been so generously sharing some of her hand-picked tomatoes with us. nearly every year her tomatoes dominate her garden, leaving barely anything else to compete with them, fortunately it is a welcomed takeover.

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