Thursday, May 19, 2011

...and on the baby front.

still no mila. we would be pretty lucky to actually get to meet our daughter three weeks ahead of time, and if she's anything like her "patient" parents, she does not plan on waiting any longer than we do to get out of her nine-month rental property.

{crummy iphone/ 
doctor's office photo}

we did have our second weekly appointment today and found out that i've started to open up {and soften} a bit {pretty detailed, i know, but these are the things that excite me lately} the daily walks continue, as do some additional herbal strategies that have been proven to get things moving in the labor and delivery department. plus, and this is a big one since having a c-section is at the top of my 'really hope this doesn't happen on delivery day' list, miss mila's head is still down. i'm telling you, i really don't think that june ninth is her birthday of choice.....maybe something more like, ohhhhhh, may nineteenth????

and today, forty+ years ago, my oldest sister actually DID define this as her birthday! happy birthday kim!

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  1. So excited for you 3! It will be AWESOME when you all get to see each other face to face.