Wednesday, April 06, 2011

a few things i've kind of been loving lately.

this wallpaper. because our hallway bath has this EXACT color of tile so it gives me a little hope.

this bedroom. because the bed is so perfectly placed. on the floor.

this wonderfully, thoughtfully un-thoughtful way of displaying photographs.

these shelves. because i never ever tire of inside-out kitchen cabinets.

all of this. because it looks like it came right out of my nanee's house.

this. because it made me instantly think of my brother.

and this. because she's wonderful. and we've barely even met.

and this guy. because he thinks he's cool. but pictures like this make him very un-cool.


  1. OMG OMG OMG I think you might have just SAVED my new bathroom..... remember the PINK one I told you about thta was awful! That first pic of the pink tile and the black and white wallpaper.... LOVE IT!!! Might have to DO IT!!!

  2. isn't it wonderful? i might have to make the switch to the combo as well. for now, i took a much more colorful approach but i'm getting the itch for a switch ;)