Monday, January 31, 2011

funky funk.

pretty sure the midsection has begun to grow. at this point it doesn't feel like a fabulous and fantastically cute baby 'bump' but more of an 'i'm getting bigger EVERYwhere'. my two-hamburger weekend probably didn't help the matter. let's just say that miss milla really wanted some serious food. but today is a new week and instead of indulgences like that of the weekend, i plan on getting this babe and me back on track with lots of veggies and much less 'saturated fat' {i just acted like that term didn't exist in my vocab. this weekend...only in my belly}. so on this fast train to not feeling large and in charge, i have my sights on a few wonderfully girly pieces.

{lewis cho via swirl sample sale}

{ribbon twill blazer by ann taylor loft}

and on the home-front, we have officially purchased the fennel seed paint by martha stewart that i talked about the other i just need to figure out which bedroom walls will make the cut and get on with my painting! and baby will be fine since my bf martha has officially made all of her paints free of v.o.c.'s!

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