Monday, October 25, 2010

things are looking up.

so thanks to perusing the tone it up website as well as joining their new tone it up community {which you should ALL do}, i found some serious inspiration to get off my tired booty and head to the gym.
i started off with about twenty minutes on the elliptical. i get really bored on elliptical machines so while keeping it interesting AND incorporating more muscles into my cardio session, i turn sideways, step with my toes turned out and in and lean far back to work my butt a little deeper. i then made my way into the weights area and did a little strength training for about thirty-five minutes. my circuits {using eight pound weights anywhere they're incorporated} looked like this:

assisted pullups X 10 > biceps curls X 15 > body weight squats X 20

chest flyes on physio ball X 15 > overhead tricep ext X 10 > single-leg squats on physio ball

spider pushups X 10 > shoulder press X 12 > adductor with kickback leg extension X 10

got some stuff done around the house immediately after my workout and then i enjoyed {finally} some amazing tom kha soup from thai cottage. this stuff is delicious: lime/coconut milk broth + mushrooms + chicken + cilantro = heaven!
then i parked myself on my little couch and don't plan on leaving for much of the rest of the evening. and i'm sure i'll fall asleep no later than nine o'clock- really getting ready for this whole motherhood thing. i did make a little purchase that i'm pretty proud of. on npr this morning i heard a wonderful bit about unicef and its history. so when i found this

i knew i had to get it. it's designed by cynthia rowley and the feed program was pretty much pioneered by the lovely ms. lauren bush. i think it can be purchased at a cynthia rowley store {however this is corpus, if we don't even have a whole foods, you can pretty much guarantee that a cynthia rowley isn't anywhere near} but i bought it through hsn's website. i'd really love it if it came in before halloween but if not, i still plan on putting some extended miles with it.

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