Sunday, September 19, 2010

what's for dinner.

i did a late cardio sesh tonight {4:45} which put my protein shake at like 5:30. not enough for me for dinner - mainly because i have to have that 'chew factor'. so around 6:45 the munching urge came on. i exercised that urge with lots of veggies.

veggies + hummus = perfection {even for a non-vegetarian}
lately i've been eating the 'pita pal' hummus. i get it from our local sun harvest. it's in what i call the 'fresh' section - with all of the cheeses, marinated olives and feta cheese. i love it because it's creamy, almost has a citrusy zing to it AND it's made in texas. for dessert i'm snacking on a toneitup protein bar.

gonna be an early night for me. last night i didn't sleep well so today i picked up some bach's sleep remedy spray.

{natural sleep aid}
hope it works!

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