Tuesday, September 28, 2010




today {ok...AND yesterday} i have been in THE crummiest of moods! really, it's horrible. i just do not know what my deal is. well, ok. i do. yesterday i started to feel just plain b!+chy. everything was bothering me. not to mention that i felt bloated which made none of my clothes look good, therefore i tried on a ga-zillion things TRYing to get something to look good which in turn made the crammed room a complete mess. complete mess in an already tight and crammed mood does not make jessica a happy girl.

this of course made me frustrated that we're STILL in this tight and crammed room. not to mention the fact that i am still not pregnant {yes, we're trying....no, there is no baby on the way.....trust me, i took a pregnancy test yesterday with the utmost of all hopes that a plus sign could get me out of my rut}.
wow! really makes you want to stay and continue to read, right??? of COURSE it does. all i will say is that even though i wasn't particularly 'annoyed' today, the b!+chiness had yet to subside {although at 7:00 i think i'm starting to see the light}.
but as of this sentence i am turning over a new leaf!

for all you bloggers out there, have you ever notice that it just isn't very fun to talk about all of these great things that you enjoy when you're feeling super crummy? even if you don't, i definitely did. luckily today i spent my morning training from six to ten, then had three batches of granola bars i had to make, throw in about ten trips to the office to pick nick up and drop him off.....i barely had a chance to sit down.
i think my magic remedy for bad moods is a solid sweat session. not only did i get to work out at the gym today {heavy legs and light chest}, but around about four i managed a date with this girl.

if you've been following my blog at ALLLLL, you know i love her. i did some of her dance cardio and some thirty-day-method exercises for about an hour. felt SO good afterwards. these two workouts {combined with some really clean and fresh eating} beat two of the major components of my bad mood: bloating/feeling chubby and my basic overall happiness {thanks endorphins!}.
so while i don't have any great recipes to share or images of some fabulous house or ensemble, i basically just made your life better {you have to understand my sarcasm for that one!!}.
don't let bad moods get the best of you. try a few things that you know make you happy. closeted martha stewart? come back here or visit toneitup.com's 'we love food friday' section for some good AND healthy recipes. yearn for daily sweat sessions? put that to-do list aside and hit the pavement, go for a run! can't get enough of a good deal? hit target or the gap for some retail therapy without breaking the bank. but if you just need a minute, TAKE IT!

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