Monday, August 30, 2010

journey's end.

finally getting home. well, sorta. right now we're sitting in the continental presidents club in houston. feels so good to stretch out my legs.
went to the david gray/ray lamontagne concert last night which was amazing. we went to see both of the artists and i was so disappointed to see so many young'uns not even know who david gray was!! two girls sitting next to us, who were completely entranced with ray lamontagne's performance actually left two songs into david gray. ridiculous. they don't know what they missed. although i've listened to ray lamontagne for years now, i didn't agree with what everybody seemed to call his 'shyness'. in our opinion, this meek presence came across as arrogant instead of humble. a bit disheartening, but nonetheless he still played some great songs. i'll have pictures up later. we got front row seats and after the show i asked for the playlist --which i so fortunately received PLUS three of david gray's picks.
post-concert i pursued my purse-getting goals and we parked ourselves at the black jack table. my beginners' luck didn't pull through but luckily nick new what he was doing. we ended up leaving the casino an hour later and $1000 richer. pretty awesome- looks like i'll definitely be getting that black purse i've had my eye on!
on another note. all of this traveling has me thinking. i've always been a perennial girl scout and therefore HATE to feel 'un-prepared' for any situation that might come my way. this poses quite a problem when trying to 'lightly' pack for these day trips. while i do have a few strategies that i try to implement when filling my suitcase...doubling up on jeans, keep shoe varieties to a minimum....i still always end up looking like the bag lady and ending the trip with a killer pain in one of my shoulders and definitely the least amount of foot room on the plane. does ANYone have some clever ideas for packing??? and not the same old options magazines repeatedly publish lol

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