Monday, August 30, 2010


not the island. looks like the mister and i are going to permanently reside in our hometown of corpus christi, texas. as much as we both wanted to move to a larger city for a few years, before any kiddos make their debut, we are very happy to finally live close to our family again. all of this talk about finally moving out of his dad's house is giving me the decorating itch.
the house that were moving into is pretty much a blank canvas for us. nicks dad has owned it for over twenty-five years and will probably allow us to go crazy and decorate it how we see fit. for a while now, i've had a constantly updated post-it on my computer of all things tons of things that i want for our 'grown-up' home.
starting with the couch that we have to replace, we're going to go for a stream-lined, sixties-esque tufted sofa....this environment furniture sofa seems perfectly masculine yet modern and cozy enough for lazy sundays.

beyond the sofa, i've always dreamed of maintaining an chic ever-ready mini bar, some bertoia barstools and vintage metal outdoor furniture perfect for taco fridays on the patio.

these are all just ideas.....aiming for simplicity and modernly chic. any suggestions are always welcomed!!!

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