Thursday, January 02, 2014


getting a start on this new year by watching lots of knitting videos on youtube. and visited purl's website and ordered myself a learn to knit kit.
still haven't made it to the gym or managed to slide on my running shoes (it's been an entire week and a half since my last workout) but i did make a healthy quinoa salad to keep in the fridge for the week, and roasted some detoxifying cauliflower. AND i juiced! now i just need to start on all of my other "resolutions" for the year.
we've reached a point that i think two kids might be enough for us so i'm starting to think about MY life and who I want to be beyond my kids and my husband. like knitting! i've always wanted to learn and have made measly efforts in the past to get started but i've never actually made anything. which leads me to another resolution: following through. doing things that i say i'm going to do. making more time for friends and DOING more for them. and FAMILY. i need to DO more for them too, not just hang around all the time. i want to LISTEN better and talk better too. talk about things with real substance….like those long talks you used to have in college that made you feel like you were really making or going to make a difference. i need more of those. and i just need to be productive. quit cleaning and "straightening up" and just PLAY with my kiddos. and read books!!! when did i quit reading? i can barely get through a page a night in my latest novel…need to work on that.
and although there were some really REALLY great things that happened in 2013, like, hello! amadeus was born!!! i can't say that i'm not happy to see it go and start with a new one. and since amadeus' birth was by far the highlight of my year, that's the picture we're saying goodbye with.



  1. I love this jess. I like that you pointed out being something beyond your husband and children...I definitely struggle with that...what do I really want to do in life. ha. I would be a house flipper if I could; only if I had the capital. :)

    Miss you.

    1. it is definitely tough! with five kids in mind, i just knew that being a mom would take up most if not all of my life for so long. but now, it seems that i can be ME again….now i just have to figure out who that is!! xo

  2. Happy New Year, Jessica! Congratulations on little Amadeus, he is precious and Mila is just beautiful! ♥ I also started knitting again a few weeks ago. I had to buy a book to refresh my memory on is called "Stitch n' Bitch:The Knitter's Handbook" by Debbie Stoller, and it has been great so far! My current project is the Double seed stitch blanket from Purl Soho. They put up a free pattern not too long ago. I am using different yarn than the one they suggest even though it is is just soooo expensive! I also bought some beautiful lace weight mohair yarn from this website which you might like as well :)
    I wish you the very best this new year!

  3. thank you mary! the yarn they suggested for that blanket is definitely gorgeous!! we were in nyc a few weeks ago and i wanted to visit their store but never made it by this time. and the last time i went in there, i just didn't feel i was worthy ;) hopefully i can really get moving with this *new* hobby and you and i can chat some more about it and share patterns. although, i was just telling justin, i can't imagine my work to ever be NEARLY as good as i know yours must be. XO

  4. It is so sweet of you to say that but definitely not true at all! I can't wait to see pictures of the gorgeous things you make and I would be happy to share patterns! I hope you post your projects on your blog or facebook so I can see them. :) If you ever do end up going to Purl I would love to see pictures!! I imagine it is an amazing place! xoxo

  5. What an adorable picture!! Happy New Year my friend!! just wanted to say that what you struggle with is what we all struggle with---moms with kids that is:) I remember being so upset that GR got to go to work everyday and continue to live his dream AND have a sweet little family waiting for him when he returned. (i hope that doesnt sound bitter lol) All I can say is, looking back...time flew!! flew!! It's like I blinked and the "kids" are all grown. It just happened to fast. So just take it slow and enjoy every mess, every smile, every moment. With two littles, you are just going to have to wait it out. For a bit anyway:)

  6. whoops! Allie was on my google account and it published as her. its me.