Wednesday, August 29, 2012


lately tea and i have had a really great relationship. so much so that i have random tea spoons sitting all around the house.

let me start by saying that i think my little friend "tea" has begun to understand that just because i'm not pregnant   ( and therefore not abstaining from coffee ) doesn't mean that it doesn't have a special place in my life. it just means that "place" doesn't really start until about three p.m., post coffee mornings,  when i enjoy this ( preferably with a little honey ) and ends with this. just before i go to bed and accompanied with an evening snack of choice. usually energy nuggets, homemade trail mix of vegan carob chips//unsweetened shaved coconut//raw cashews or coconut milk "ice" cream. or, i'm not gonna lie, a hefty mixture of all three.


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