Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a few things.

that i'm really excited about.

first and foremost, can we all please celebrate the return of domino magazine? i have been seriously mourning the loss of this publication ever since news of condé nast shutting its domino doors years back. so you can imagine my excitement when i saw this:

excitement also expressed here and here and here

and another thing? you, mr. ward. oh how i have missed you. i love you and ms. deschanel together, but you and you alone are absolute perfection. xo

**yes, i realize that this video includes zooey, but so far, it's my favorite from the new album. so there**


  1. Oh how I love him too!! I just heard today that he has a new album!!

  2. i know! the first thing i did this morning was hit up iTunes!!