Monday, March 19, 2012

a little vacation.

last week, i took a little vacation from the blog. for some reason, i just couldn't bring myself to sit down and reflect on my thoughts. our latest happenings around town. or share all the perfection that pinterest can sometimes bring.

aside from the a.m. gloomy weather that corpus experienced last week, nick and i were fortunate enough to celebrate our TWO year anniversary here while mila and i spent most of our afternoons filled with sunshine and endless attempts at getting rid of this darn sickness. we finally succeeded {for a few days anyway}, only to wake up yesterday, yet again, with congestion and a nasty cough. so it's back to lots of naps, using anything i can get my hands on as a kleenex and a ridiculous amount of trips to the sauna.

i think our low-key weekend at the beach house may help this thrice recovery though. mila got to get in some Q.T. with her new B.F. {that's BEST friend....not BOY friend} and we soaked in as much salty corpus air as we possibly could.

here's to a very happy monday!
{cough cough}

{sniffle sniffle.......sniffle}

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