Sunday, March 25, 2012

just when we thought we missed it.

for some reason, i just couldn't decide on which DVF for gap stuff i liked the most. the gap seriously used to be miss mila's and my home away from home, i'm pretty sure 75% of her wardrobe is gap. but unfortunately, not all corpus mamas caught on to the cuteness that is gap kids and baby gap clothing, so our much loved store said goodbye to us and closed its doors at the end of february. we've now had to resort to purchasing pretty much ALL of m's clothes online. thank you corpus christi, you really are making it oh so convenient for me to shop for my daughter. really, you are.

so after putting in and taking out pretty much every DVF piece that ms. furstenburg designed, i hit a standstill. untillllll {drumroll please}, a little visit with a friend and a little gift for mila made us proud owners of quite possibly the cutest dress ever.

another drawback to this whole "shop online for everything" thing? my computer screen really isn't doing these cute pieces justice. while that dress is adorable online {and went in and out of my basket several times}, it's SO much cuter in person {and even cuter on my baby}.

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