Friday, March 02, 2012

a few tidbits from our weekend in the cold.

last week, the family spent a little much-needed time with my brother in kansas city. it was all sub-30 degree weather, great hair days, coffee drinking, museum visiting and everything we wanted it to be. not to mention a reminder of how bread is supposed to taste and a lovely farewell dinner here. we hope to go back soon {or that we will see uncle justin here in corpus in the very near future. hint, hint.}. but until then, we came home with a few kansas city goodies.

perfection in a scarf :: the best trail mix ever
a wedding/baby gift from a very good friend :: new coffee table coasters

a *tidbit* that a certain little someone left behind
{also a sign that justin may miss us as much as we miss him}

until next time kansas city.

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