Tuesday, January 24, 2012

much needed.

make-up bag replacement. and what i fill it with.

1.   make-up bag that i just got from target
2.   'yes to cucumbers' wipes
3.   bobbi brown powder pouf
4.   blüm organics oil absorbing wipes
5.   hotel sewing kit
6.   mini screwdriver
7.   visine
8.   colgate wisps
9.   band-aid case with band-aids
10. bobbi brown, travel-size, eye-brightening mascara
11. stevia packet
12. terra-tints lip balm
13. clean well anti-bacterial
14. mac lipstick in ruby woo
15. floss pick
16. mini hair clip
17. tide to go pen {because i have the MESSIEST husband ever}
18. peter thomas roth hand lotion
19. spoon, yes, a spoon
20. emergen-C
21. mirror from sabon
22. tweezers
23. tazo zen tea
24. viva la juicy perfume

i still can't believe that i fit all of that into that itty-bitty bag but so glad i did. i've always been quite the girl scout and loving surprising people when i have just what they need. what are some strange things that you keep in YOUR make-up bag??? do share! {and there may or may not be a couple feminine/breastfeeding items, ahem breast pads, that made the cut as well....but you probably already knew that}.

*i would have loved to post links to all of these lovely items, but that would have taken for.ev.er. you can find most of these things at a pharmacy, sephora, department stores, target, ulta and whole foods*

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