Tuesday, November 29, 2011

on her first thanksgiving.

mila discovered a few new things that she now loves.

her uncle justin.
{who lives way too far away}

her red clip-on "high chair" at little mommy's house.
{maybe because she finally fits in it without being
propped up by copious amounts of pillows}

her cousins. even though they might stress her out sometimes {despite how many times taylor thinks mila wants to hear being called "baby", she does occasionally like to be referred to by her first name}.

{i kind of love the blurriness of this photograph,
it almost perfectly depicts the scenario}

and balloons!
{who knew!?}

these new *loves* may also be what m is thankful for. but i know that nick and i fit in there somewhere too. hope everyone had a thankFULL thanksgiving!

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