Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a few things i'm working on.

posture. because everytime i look at a picture of myself, i'm slouching and it just isn't doing anything for me. maybe me and this little booger need to have a few dates or i just need to make a couple stops by the yoga studio. either way, i'm on a mission.

quit dressing my daughter like a real housewife of new jersey when she goes to parties. love the top. love the swimsuit. love the hat {special gift from her cousin/pen pal}. but may just have to quit putting all three together.

let these two have more dates more often. and maybe one day, sooner rather than later, arrange a long overdue kansas city road trip so they can actually hang out together. you know, because justin needs a few beard tugs from his baby niece.

actually completing my daily to-do lists. i.e. the u.s. government thought mila's last name was spelled g-i-g-n-a-L and apparently it's MY responsibility to fix THEIR mistake. i've been putting it off and putting it off but i think today really is the day that i straighten the gov. out!

and finding a coffee table. R.I.P. the little gem at the bottom of this image that we sold in the garage sale a few weeks ago and hail to something new and wonderful to grace our hideously tiled floors.

so here's to getting things done!

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