Thursday, August 04, 2011


as much as i love documenting this wonderful life that we live, since the babe has come, hanging out with her {and not typing on a computer or writing in a journal} is always at the top of my to-do list.

being a breast feeding mama, my life is now lived in two- or three-hour time segments. i could easily crack open my computer while nursing {since we've finally passed that 'first two weeks of breast feeding is so horribly painful' point} but giving her my full attention is just so much more important. maybe, once i can pry myself away from my beautiful baby {if that day ever comes}, my blog posts can get a little more regular. seriously, how do you blogging mamas do it?! but until then, i have no miraculous updates to the home or creative workouts to boast about {so far, running three miles has been a huge success for me}. only more pictures of this one.

{such the big girl}

but this weekend is a busy one for us. a good friends baby-bbq, ten-year 'semi' reunion and one of mila's future prospect's future birthdays. maybe we can snap some shots of our new parental life.

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