Sunday, August 21, 2011

how our weekend was spent.

aside from a pretty lazy saturday, the weekend started off to a very productive start. nick's grandma came to town for a visit and gave me a serious lesson on how to make flan. not exactly sure where she got the recipe, but this one is perfect. normally i'm turned off by the gelatinous texture of flan but this one was almost a custard. sooo good. my mom might have had two pieces. one after another. for breakfast. unfortunately this picture is a very appropriate image of our little abuela about ninety-percent of the time. gotta love her.

{typical 'lita}

and we just polished off this hot weekend with a walk around the park. very much needed after too many spoonfuls of the deliciousness in my fridge {a.k.a. flan}.

apparently i only had one shirt to wear for the weekend. i'm fine with it.

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