Wednesday, May 04, 2011

hadn't even thought of that.

the more i think about it, the more i hate the idea of making baby purchases only to discard of most of the things within barely a few months. husband and i are still at opposite ends when it comes to a bouncer {with recall after recall, i honestly have a panic attack every time i see a child in one....especially when the parents place them on a table. yeah, it happens}, pack and play's kind of gross me out, unless they're used as an alternative sleeping solution {but what happened to children being able to roammmmmm around a house and not be confined to jersey mesh walls??} and i can't even begin to elaborate on how i feel about all of the completely unnecessary toys and electronics that come with our {'our' meaning 'our society'....not nick's and my} new approach to baby-raising.

yesterday, when a client of mine asked what we have yet to receive, and need, from our registry {aside from feeling a little awkward in having to tell someone what to specifically buy for us} i resorted to telling her that we really need everything else that's on our registry since we only registered for those things that we saw necessary. buttttttt, another client of mine in the class commented on how we would still need some keepsakes. 'KEEP' being the word that sold me. my mom passed over a few little silver pieces from my childhood and i would love for mila {and the rest of our children} to be able to do the same when they start families of their own. in searching for some items that are both beautiful and timeless, i definitely got excited about the idea of having these things placed around our home for years to come.

{tiffany & co.}

{kissy kissy christening gown}

{baby nambé utensil set}

{baby nambé children's cup}

along with a lovely basic and handmade toy that i intend to put at the top of my 'crafts to make once i'm not working and incredibly impatient for baby to arrive'

{courtesy of momtastic}

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