Wednesday, March 09, 2011

when without.

{ idea for a new post} focus on things that make me happy.

not having back pain, thanks to night-time showers and lots of belly and foot massages.

actually RUNNING {okay, jogging} again {thanks, skinny runner}.

having normal eating habits again.

{chick + butternut squash + sauteƩd spinach}

putting together loads of stuff for the babe tonight.

{stokke stroller}

{bloom seat and high chair combo}

my *new* idea for a 'push present'. a push to lose any stubborn 'baby weight'.

{garmin four-o-five}

{ipod nano}

{sticking to my 'run a marathon, ANY marathon in 2011' goal}

and looking good while doing it {running, that is}.

{ta ta tamer by lulu}
{26.2 apparel top}

{nike's tempo running short}
{newton running shoes}

now how's that for a PUSHHHHHHH present???

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