Monday, February 14, 2011

valentime's day.

while i may not have had time to make this sweet little gem two years in a row.

we did continue the second year of our valentine's day bowling tradition. let me say, for the record, we NEVER bowl. as pathetic as it is to admit it, i'm really horrible at bowling and so i don't enjoy it much. yes, that IS the reason i don't like it, as bad as that may be. but once a year, with my love, we tear up the lanes.

oh yeah. and i ALMOST beat my husband at bowling {is that how you say it?} which has NEVER happened. and i must ALSO say, sorry husband, that he scored a 78. yeah, a 78. he's not going to be happy about this one buttttt....the truth hurts. then we headed over to a really great corpus landmark, the astor. this place has been in corpus forEVER. my grandmother actually worked at the restaurant as a waitress for over forty years. lots of my after-school days were spent folding napkins at their tables while waiting for my little mamaw to finish her shift.

got tired of nick saying i looked like a 'pink lady' so i had to pin back the bangs. since it was just me and the husband, we didn't get any photographs of the two of us together, so i thought i'd include this oldie but goodie of him and i in panama two years ago.

**please excuse the bad quality of the images...the husband forgot to put our sim card back in the camera so had to resort to the iphone.**

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  1. the 'i love you' cake looks AWESOME! And the bowling looks fun. I wish me and my bf could have some real fun like that :( haha