Friday, February 25, 2011

once upon a time.

the husband and i {pre husband and wife} lived in a little college town in east texas called {appropriately} college station, texas. soon after moving there for the boo to attend graduate school, i reunited with an old friend.

got to work with a few new ones.

and lived in a quaint little casita.

and even though i miss it {especially college station's npr programming schedule, keos and my neighborhood grocer} when i never thought i would. our new casita is shaping up quite wonderfully. our little baby mila is only three months away and spending as much time as we do with our family really makes this little corpus christi life that much more perfect.


  1. Awwww I miss the gignacs! By the way where is that pic from.... I look confused or drunk... Haha maybe both! :)

  2. you in fact are confused and drunk....either confused BECAUSE you're drunk or drunk BECAUSE you're confused ;) the gignacs miss you as well. the pic is our post satc screening party, somehow we ended up at fitzwilly's the night {random}.

  3. aww, this is great. i miss everyone. can all of you come to ny?

  4. also, i like how even a bar as pedestrian as fitzwilly's manages to serve martinis in the appropriate glass..oh wait, i just remembered i bought those glasses for the movie.