Tuesday, February 08, 2011

can't seem to kick it.

so far it's been nine pounds minus the six i lost in the first few weeks of this pregnancy. that's a net total of three pounds i've gained at nearly six months in. not including those first six, my doctor seemed a little concerned that four of those nine pounds were within the last four weeks between yesterday and our last appointment. but we thought i was doing well? PLUS, little mila now weighs a full one pound and two ounces, can i start blaming my child for things? maybe not a good start. despite all the walking and exercise and crazy improvements i'm making to our little abode, i think doctor actually thinks i'm going to stop eating some of the things i haven't truly enjoyed in a long while. so, kind doctor, nutella and i will continue our relationship. and yes, it's all my daughter's fault.

{nutella + whole wheat english muffin}
***p.s. mila, mommy loves you.

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