Sunday, September 26, 2010


the other day i posted a pic of a new mascara i got from lavera.

this stuff is awesome. i recently read a 'green your makeup routine' {one of many} article in natural health magazine that recommended this stuff to me. i didn't think i'd get my hands on it any time soon to give it a try since we don't have a sephora in corpus, our department stores' makeup counters only have the 'typical makeup lines and i wasn't about to order any ten dollar mascara only to find myself paying half that for shipping and handling. but then, on a lazy rainy sunday last week, i walked into our local target. i was so surprised to find this stuff sitting on the shelf in what seemed to be target's 'green beauty aisle' {the other shelves were full of dr. bronner's, weleda and alba products}.
with jojoba and wild rose oils, there is NO flaking coming from your lashes when using this stuff. AND it makes your lashes appear super long but still very natural looking. in my never-ending search for the perfect mascara, i think i've reached the end of the road because this stuff is pretty perfect!

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