Thursday, September 23, 2010

long locks.

with the long hair i have and lack of desire to cut it any time soon, i am always looking for new ways to style it. lucky for me my hair is SOMEwhat curly.

but still straightens with relative ease.

i love the looks from these runway shows but always find it hard to clip my hair and really make it hold.

i'm not a big fan of the first image {even though, with all the corpus humidity, that's what my hair usually ends up looking like} but i do love the sweetness of the blonde girl's hair. not to mention the color!
i'm also working on switching up my part every now and then.

{ignore the bottom photo} i usually opt for a side part occasionally switching to the center {although i don't pull it off quite as well as mrs. sarah jessica}. this girl's part is almost a 'side-center', not smack dab in the middle. love it.

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