Friday, August 27, 2010

what i'm listening to now.

my playlists constantly surprise people. while i appreciate well-talented musicians, i also run and workout a lot. any who runs can tell you that an acoustic singer-song writer just doesn't always put you through that final mile. soooo- sometimes we have to resort to some katy perry, jay-z or moby. i'm not saying that these people don't have 'talent'...but i wouldn't exactly say that it's music i like to put on a random playlist at a party with people i intend to keep as friends. so while this playlist might not have a recurring 'theme' per say. i can say, with confidence, that almost anyone can find at least ONE song from it that they like.

1. devil's in the jukebox - ray lamontagne & the pariah dogs
2. sail away - david gray
3. marathon - tennis
4. my own sinking ship - good old war
5. corona and lime - shwayze
6. girl, i'm gonna lay you down - animal liberation orchestra
7. in the colors - ben harper
8. you and your heart - jack johnson
9. pumped up kicks - foster the people
10. tighten up - the black keys

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