Friday, August 27, 2010

right now.

right now, i'm passing some time listening to good ol' paula deen while waiting on the mister to come home for lunch/workout. wanted to do some HIIT cardio this morning but instead i caught up on some much needed rest. after a slight 'hiatus' from my everyday life (the husband had to work on an unfinished project in college station), nick is back home in other words, i have my life buddy back.
so this morrrrrrrning- i continued to use a product i am LOVing. found it through the lovely miss jamie eason. after many questions from her facebook followers, inquiring about her skincare regimen, she let it all out and shared with everyone what she uses. luckily, during a routine office visit, i found out that my 'ear, nose and throat' doc sells one of her much-loved products:
obagi sunfader, step six.

of course, i hadn't noticed an immediate improvement in my skin. but my mom told me the other day that my skin is 'glowing'....definitely has to do with all the fruits and veggies i'm also eating but i am certain this little 'god-send' has something to do with it as well. ended up getting a 10% discount since i was a patient so it was about $50...but can go as high as $80. worth every penny though.

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