Friday, August 27, 2010

project for next week.

yesterday my pregnant sister-in-law informed me that she really needs a 'hooter hider' aka- nursing cover-up before the baby comes. although i don't have my sewing machine unpacked (since we're still temporarily staying at my father-in-law's house), i think i'm going to tackle this little project sometime next week. nick's mom has a pretty decent sewing machine at herrrr house so it could be some quality time made very efficient by watching a movie with her over there AND getting this project completed. so with some creativity flowing, i went to corpus' joann's today- the options i had were pretty pathetic, but i did manage to find a cute fabric that the seems to like

i'm going to use the top fabric for the front of the 'hider' and the yellow for the inner lining....also might throw in a little pocket and a ribbon to tie the pacifier onto. once it's complete, i'll be sure to share some pics.

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